7 ways to avoid people with bad breath

At some point or another, everyone's likely to encounter another person with the dreaded bad breath. Whilst some people are tolerant of this, others adopt avoidance tactics in hope of cleaner air. Here are some handy hints & tips:

At some point or another, everyone's likely to encounter another person with the dreaded bad breath. Whilst some people are tolerant of this, others adopt avoidance tactics in hope of cleaner air. Here are some handy hints & tips:

Get out of bed early

Let's start at the beginning shall we? We all know morning breath is one of the less fortunate starts to our days, and those with significant others to snooze with know that the only way to miss the morning breath is to get up early before they start talking.

Fake An Illness

The worst conversations are those that involve someone with bad breath in close proximity. Fact. The best way to make them take an unconscious step back? A coughing fit. Because let's be honest, nobody likes catching germs. The plus side of this? You can fake it without offending them, and whenever they step towards you again, you can restart the coughing fit. Sneezing works just as well.

Body Language

Sometimes that extra inch of personal space can make all the difference between inhaling clean air or the leftovers from someone's dinner. People trying to avoid others with bad breath often resort to stand-offish body language: arms or legs crossed, dipped head or hunched shoulders give the impression that someone needs physical space, which means you're less like to suffer others' bad breath. Hurrah!

Carry Mints

When in doubt, offer a snack. It's rare that someone will turn down a mint, and if they do maybe you just need to be a little more forceful. Note: this doesn't mean forcing it into their mouth, and if they continuously refuse, it might be worth referring to the other ideas here, or simply walking away.

Be Picky About Where You Spend Time.

Theoretically, if you spend your free time at the dentist, not only will you have minty fresh breath, but you'll be surrounded by others that do too. Unfortunately, it's not very exciting or practical to spend a lot of time at the dentist. So how to avoid people with smelly breath? Avoid places that contribute to smelly breath: think coffee shops, curry houses, and the like. An extreme measure perhaps, but at least you're guaranteed fresh air wherever else you choose to spend your time.

Accessorise With a Scarf

Few things could be more helpful or obvious in a bad breath situation than accessorising with a scarf. How to use: when faced with bad breath, simply pull up over your mouth and nose. Cons to this idea: it's terribly obvious unless it's cold, and you're more likely to smell your own breath - fine, unless it's not minty fresh!

If you're feeling extreme, you could always adopt a mouth and nose mask claiming that you're hyper sensitive to germs, and terrified of SARS. Note: This one is only for the extreme.

If All Else Fails - Tell Them!

The chances are, the person with bad breath is blissfully unaware of their oral situation, so sometimes a gentle nudge in the right direction can be a blessing in disguise. This definitely isn't the time to be mean though - most would find it a sensitive subject. If you're really unsure, and don't know them that well, maybe speak to one of their friends to broach the subject with them. 

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