We’ve all been there; forgetting our toothbrush on a weekend away, when staying at your significant other’s house, or just needing to clean your teeth after a meal doused in garlic, onions or both. But what to do when your toothbrush is costing up to your toothpaste at home, whilst you’re braving the outside world? We’ve got the answers, though it is worth noting that these tips aren’t a long term substitute for a good ol’ brush & paste twice a day.

Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell was recently seen carrying CB12 boost chewing gum. He was on his way to a star studded party in London with a pack of CB12 chewing gum was right by his side ready for freshening his breath before mingling with other guests and celebrities.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge was spotted carrying CB12 boost chewing gum! Have you freshened up with CB12?

Invisibility was once a popular theme in science fiction and fairy tales, with invisibility cloaks, invisible enemies, even invisible worlds featured in stories. But invisibility is not necessarily confined to fiction and in the 'real' world there are also a considerable number of 'invisible' things around us.

At some point or another, everyone's likely to encounter another person with the dreaded bad breath. Whilst some people are tolerant of this, others adopt avoidance tactics in hope of cleaner air. Here are some handy hints & tips:

The chances are, if you live anywhere in the vicinity of another human being, the thought of whether or not your breath resembles a breath mint or an olympian's sport sock has crossed your mind. The good news is that should you find yourself in a situation where it's more like the latter, there are steps that can be taken.

Finally - toiletries. Stop rolling your eyes. I know you think all you need is a flannel and a toothbrush, but that's not true. Here's what I took - and will be taking again. CB12 mouthrinse and boost chewing gum.

Body odour, bad breath & excessive sweating voted the top three dating turn-offs.

Bad breath (halitosis) tops the list of pre-date worries for Brits with over half (59%) worrying about it before a date, reveals new research by CB12. Adults in the UK are more concerned about the freshness of their breath before a date than their choice of outfit (52%), looking fat (45%) and body odour (43%).

Sweetness is a wonderful thing. We love it from an early age and often into old age! It is a treat and a temptation, but its appeal can mask a darker side. When it comes to dental health, sweetness can be a 'wolf in sheep's clothing', ready to wreak havoc.

Patients who suffer from chronic bad breath have to contend with both the physical and psychological effects of their condition.


In a seven-year Swiss study, halitosis has been found to bring about inhibition, insecurity, withdrawal and reduced social contact to chronic sufferers.