Finally - toiletries. Stop rolling your eyes. I know you think all you need is a flannel and a toothbrush, but that's not true. Here's what I took - and will be taking again. CB12 mouthrinse and boost chewing gum.

Body odour, bad breath & excessive sweating voted the top three dating turn-offs.

Bad breath (halitosis) tops the list of pre-date worries for Brits with over half (59%) worrying about it before a date, reveals new research by CB12. Adults in the UK are more concerned about the freshness of their breath before a date than their choice of outfit (52%), looking fat (45%) and body odour (43%).

Sweetness is a wonderful thing. We love it from an early age and often into old age! It is a treat and a temptation, but its appeal can mask a darker side. When it comes to dental health, sweetness can be a 'wolf in sheep's clothing', ready to wreak havoc.