We asked some UK bloggers what they thought of our CB12 range and these were just some of the reviews we received from these popular bloggers.

Crystal Rose

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Twitter: @crystalrosefash


"The thing I found great about the mouthwash was the instant minty and fresh feeling. It is so strong and gave me real confidence about my breath." - Crystal Rose Fashion

Joshwa Saint James

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Twitter: @JoshwaSaintJames

Instagram: @JoshwaStJames

"I used this product twice daily – morning and evening – and found it to really work! In a just a few days I could see a noticeable difference, and by the end of the two weeks there was a huge difference in the whiteness of my smile.." - Joshwa St James

Raquel Campos

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Twitter: @LovelyStyleBlog

Instagram: lovelystyle_blog

"After a week using this product I only can say that it’s the best mouthwash that I’ve tried in years!
Definitely, CB12 has been a great discovery for me." - Raquel, A lovely style

Chris Calvert

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Twitter: @DesertIsleSkin 


"I am genuinely impressed as I have noticed a difference to the whiteness of my teeth, which I was sceptical about as it’s a mouthwash.  I didn’t think such a simple step could make any improvement, but i’m pleased to say it has and the effectiveness of the fresh breath hasn’t been compromised by this addition." - Chris Calvert - Desert Island Skin 

Kathleen -

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Twitter: @Ka5thleen

Instagram: @Ka5thleen

I will keep using CB12 White from now on as my go-to mouthwash and would recommend that you try it out too

Tamara Jamieson

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Twitter - @Beauty_Blah

Instagram - @beautyblahblahblah



I have been using CB12 after brushing each morning and before bed. My mouth feels instantly fresher, my gums and teeth feel so clean after each use.

Rachael Styles

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Twitter - @helplessdrying

Instagram - @helplesswhilstdrying



CB12 is a mentholly tasting mouthwash that leaves your mouth feeling fresh for hours!

Natalie Tromans

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Twitter - @NatalieTromans 

Instagram - @NatAnnxo



I've been using this gum for around 14 days (I did take a few days off as I wasn't feeling too good) but overall I'm really loving the results. My mouth actually feels cleaner (is that normal?) and my breath is just wow! 

Lauren O'Dowd

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Twitter - @__beautylauren

Instagram - @beautytalklauren



All in all, a fantastic product with visible results. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to give their teeth a little clean and to anyone who wants to prevent future staining. I have loved using it and I will be buying a few of these to keep the results coming.