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When we eat and drink we are not only feeding ourselves, but also the bacteria found in the soft sticky layer of plaque on our teeth. If this plaque is not removed regularly and properly, this bacteria can feast away on the sugars found in our food, making acids that can dissolve tooth enamel and cause dental cavities. Also, as bacteria breakdown food particles in the mouth, odorous gases can be released resulting in unpleasant breath.

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    csm party survival

    Party survival kit: How to survive the party season in style

    Lifestyle changes over Christmas and the New Year are inevitable, but did you know these can have an impact on your breath? The last thing you need during the party season is bad breath, so CB12 has teamed up with top experts and provided the specialist products to help you stay fresh breath confident from morning 'til night this party season!

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      csm surgeons

      Surgeons Sample CB12

      Surgeons Sample CB12. At the recent Association of British Academic Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (ABAOMS) Conference, delegates were delighted to sample CB12 mouth rinse and Boost chewing gum. Neil Patel, an academic clinical fellow in oral surgery at The University of Manchester stated:

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        CB12 Rinse

        Confidence with CB12

        "I distributed some samples of CB12 Rinse and Boost Gum to various staff members," says Linda Ham, dental nurse specialist at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

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          csm fresh breath

          Fresh Breath at Freshers' Week

          As millions of students set off to university it is easy for them to overlook important health matters. Unfortunately around 90% of all new university students will experience some form of 'Freshers' Flu' during the first few weeks of term. It is thought that the stresses of leaving home, managing independently and attempting to make new friends can weaken the immune system and increase susceptibility to illness.

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            product landing boost

            CB12® – effective relief from the effects of halitosis

            Patients who suffer from chronic bad breath have to contend with both the physical and psychological effects of their condition.

            In a seven-year Swiss study, halitosis has been found to bring about inhibition, insecurity, withdrawal and reduced social contact to chronic sufferers.

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              Get Well Faster

              The importance of looking after your oral health during self-isolation

              Nobody saw 2020 as the year of one of the biggest pandemics in history – COVID-19. With cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on the rise in countries across the globe, it’s crucial to make sure our loved ones are safe and protected.

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              CB12 Blog - Fresh Breath For Healthy Living

              Naturally, young people compare their appearance with models, actors and celebrities depicted in advertising and the media. Youngsters also have a tendency to ignore other abilities and focus on appearance as evidence of worthiness.

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