why go to the dentist


Contrary to popular belief, the role of dental professionals is not just to fix your teeth. Practitioners are highly trained to look after your teeth and gums but also to recognise any potential problems and hopefully prevent them before they affect your wellbeing.

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    csm breaking

    Breaking down the barriers of uncertainty

    Uncertainty or fear of the unknown very often causes people to become anxious and self-conscious. They can react negatively, sometimes defensively and feel out of control. Many people worry about becoming nervous, of losing confidence and not being able to express their true personality or identity.

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      csm lunch learn

      Lunch and Learn with CB12

      The team at Calm Dental Care in Urmston Manchester recently enjoyed a 'Lunch and Learn' session from CB12.Emma Stanley, lead dental nurse, explained that after meeting the CB12 team at the The Dentistry Show she booked an informative learning session with a CB12 representative with lunch included.

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        cms bad breath

        Bad Breath -- a 'dish' to be avoided

        Taste and smell play a big role in our everyday lives, particularly when it comes to enjoying food. We even use them in analogies such as 'the smell of success' or a 'taste of paradise'.

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          cms emotions

          Aromas, Odours, Fragrances, Memories and Emotions

          Our sense of smell is extremely clever and is able to evoke its own form of déjà vu. Smells are very evocative and often we may have completely forgotten an event but a faint aroma transports our thoughts and brings a memory back instantly. It may be a washing line full of fresh laundry taking you back to your grandmother's scullery, a wood full of bluebells reminding you of your first love or the stench of a tyre factory transporting you back to your university town. A few airborne molecules can trigger vivid recollections that can be very powerful.

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            ways -to clean

            5 Ways To Clean Your Teeth Without a Toothbrush or Toothpaste

            We’ve all been there; forgetting our toothbrush on a weekend away, when staying at your significant other’s house, or just needing to clean your teeth after a meal doused in garlic, onions or both. But what to do when your toothbrush is costing up to your toothpaste at home, whilst you’re braving the outside world? We’ve got the answers, though it is worth noting that these tips aren’t a long term substitute for a good ol’ brush & paste twice a day.

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              ways- to avoid

              7 ways to avoid people with bad breath

              At some point or another, everyone's likely to encounter another person with the dreaded bad breath. Whilst some people are tolerant of this, others adopt avoidance tactics in hope of cleaner air. Here are some handy hints & tips:

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                What causes bad breath?

                The chances are, if you live anywhere in the vicinity of another human being, the thought of whether or not your breath resembles a breath mint or an olympian's sport sock has crossed your mind. The good news is that should you find yourself in a situation where it's more like the latter, there are steps that can be taken.

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                  Get Well Faster

                  The importance of looking after your oral health during self-isolation

                  Nobody saw 2020 as the year of one of the biggest pandemics in history – COVID-19. With cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on the rise in countries across the globe, it’s crucial to make sure our loved ones are safe and protected.

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                  CB12 Blog - Fresh Breath For Healthy Living

                  Naturally, young people compare their appearance with models, actors and celebrities depicted in advertising and the media. Youngsters also have a tendency to ignore other abilities and focus on appearance as evidence of worthiness.

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