Dating advice for you: Avoid bad breath on a date

The first date is usually a situation which is stressful enough in itself, without having to be concerned about smelly breath. Fortunately, bad breath is something that can easily be prevented with our easy “first date tips” to the right.

Five tips on how to get fresh breath:

  • Your mouth has to be clean to smell fresh. Always brush and floss your teeth before a date – in our opinion it is as important as choosing an outfit or putting on make-up!
  • Rinse with CB12 which is proven to neutralise and prevent bad breath for 12 hours1.
  • Garlic, onions and spicy foods can quickly give your breath the kiss of death. Food breath is completely normal and nothing to be embarrassed about, but if you are worried about body odors you may want to order something milder off the menu.
  • Keep some sugar-free mints or chewing gums handy in your pocket or purse, in case you feel like your breath needs a (CB12) boost after dinner. As a bonus, the cooling sensation of a mint can really enhance a kiss!
  • Alcohol is dehydrating and can cause your mouth to feel stale. This can be prevented by sipping on some water throughout the evening.

Now you have our top five dating tips for fresh breath, good luck on your date!


1Thrane et al. Zn and CHX mouthwash effective against VSCs responsible for halitosis for up to 12 hours, Dental Health 2009; 48 (3) 2-6.