Breaking down the barriers of uncertainty

Uncertainty or fear of the unknown very often causes people to become anxious and self-conscious. They can react negatively, sometimes defensively and feel out of control. Many people worry about becoming nervous, of losing confidence and not being able to express their true personality or identity.

In order to develop the belief of being valued, approachable and attractive, many people place significant importance on their appearance and how others perceive them. For example, when beginning a new job or meeting someone special for the first time, most people will pay particular attention to grooming and personal hygiene and select clothing carefully to create a good impression.

In a recent survey of UK adults, it was revealed that 52% of people would be concerned about their choice of outfit prior to a date, 45% would mostly worry about looking overweight and 43% would have concerns about body odour. Interestingly, however most people (59%) would have worries about the freshness of their breath.  This should not come as a surprise however, because the same survey revealed that 75% of people would be put off from dating someone again if they had unpleasant breath.

Oral malodour is a sensitive condition with a huge social impact that everyone hopes they will not endure. It is believed to affect around 25% of the entire population and unpleasant breath can cause people to avoid social situations, isolate themselves and incite a negative impact on friendships and relationships. Indeed a seven-year Swiss study confirmed that oral malodour brings about inhibition, withdrawal and reduced social contact to chronic sufferers.  This situation is not helped by the recognition that in general, people are unable to detect unpleasant breath themselves  and equally many patients also demonstrate a fear of suffering from halitosis.

Developed by dentists and promoted for first class breath, CB12 is a mouth rinse that actually targets and neutralises the VSC gases that cause oral malodour. CB12 contains low concentrations of zinc acetate and chlorhexidine diacetate that are able to chemically bind to the tissues of the oral cavity and prevent unpleasant breath for 12 hours. 

By using an effective mouth rinse like CB12 each day as part of your oral health routine, you can feel reassured you will have safe, fresh breath as well as the renewed confidence that this delivers. 



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