Fresh Breath at Freshers' Week

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As millions of students set off to university it is easy for them to overlook important health matters. Unfortunately around 90% of all new university students will experience some form of 'Freshers' Flu' during the first few weeks of term. It is thought that the stresses of leaving home, managing independently and attempting to make new friends can weaken the immune system and increase susceptibility to illness.

Freshers' Week held at the beginning of the university calendar is a period of orientation and welcome. Students attend a range of social activities, and get to know the city or town that will become home for the next few years. Most universities hold a Freshers' Fair to promote and entice students to join clubs, groups and societies. This enables students to meet like-minded friends and introduce them to the campus facilities as well as the activities of the Students' Union. 

The Freshers' Fair is also a great opportunity for universities to raise awareness of the support network available to students. They are introduced to careers advice, counselling services, childcare and health matters. Universities also make an effort to lower the rate of sexually transmitted disease and reduce the level of intoxication commonly associated with Freshers' Week by promoting safe sex as well as the Drinksafe campaign to their students. 

Young people often rely on their parents to arrange medical appointments. It is likely that a new student would not think to register with a doctor or dentist until a problem occurs. At Swansea University students are fortunate enough to have the convenience of an on-campus health centre and dental surgery. 

At Swansea University's recent Freshers' Fair, Kee Dental Care provided a stand to promote oral health and to enable new students to register at the practice. Ingeniously they obtained free samples of CB12 mouth rinse and chewing gum to give away to students. Corresponding with recent TV advertisements, the CB12 samples were received with great interest as well as fun. What could be more appropriate? The confidence of fresh breath at such an important time in a student's life. 

CB12 is specifically designed not to just disguise halitosis, but to treat the cause of the problem. It chemically binds to tissues in the oral cavity to neutralise the gases that cause bad breath. CB12 works instantly and is able to eliminate malodour for up to 12 hours. Also discreet CB12 Boost Gum can be used to invigorate the mouth for certainty and defense throughout the day.

Students want to make a good first impression. They will meet a lot of new people and begin to form new friendships and relationships. Interestingly, a survey of 5,000 people revealed that around 70% of teenagers believe that bad breath is an instant turnoff and 85% believe it's the most important thing to avoid when meeting someone for the first time.  43% of those surveyed also stated that fresh breath mattered the most before a date and rated bad breath as among the three most unattractive traits in dating prospects.

It may still be difficult for the new students at Swansea University to know where their lectures are held and to remember everyone's name. However at least they will have confidence in the freshness of their breath when meeting new people.


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