Kissing throughout Europe: Kissy, kissy, without limits

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When it comes to kissing, all Europeans talk the same language: Kissing is key in love. Especially pleasant breath makes the heart beat faster. However, there are some regional variations in how Europe necks.

Call it bisous, beso or Busserl: Kissing knows no boundaries. It’s by far the greatest thing in the world for far over 90 percent of all Europeans. Love without smooching? Unthinkable! Every country has its own culture of kissing – all that matters is that the person you’re kissing has good breath. A nice scent is simply part of it.


Germany:The romanticists

Sunset, an open fire, or candlelight: These are the settings Germans prefer for kissing. More than two thirds of all Germans think romance is key in kissing. But Germans also showed to be true Romeos and Juliets in other areas: 48 percent think a burning passion, 44 percent think it’s true love that are key ingredients in kissing. The average kiss made in Germany lasts twelve seconds.


France: The spontaneous

The French feel differently: Half find the unexpected bisous to be the ultimate non-kissing experience, only six percent are into constant smooching. This leaves France, where a third kiss at least ten times a day, at the bottom of the ranks in Europe. Pleasant breath, on the other hand, is quite vital to success between the Eiffel Tower and the Seine: 38 percent are into cleanliness when it comes to French kissing.


Italy: The sultry

Great breath really is what really gets Italians going when it comes to kissing. They’re number one in Europe in terms of fire and temper: In Bella Italia the perfect kiss has to be passionate (53 percent) and intimate – only one in five expects true love to come with it, one in three don’t like to kiss in public. In Eboli you can even get a 500 Euro fine for authorized kissing in the car. Then again, a make-up kiss is quite welcome between Rome and Naples: A bacio after a fight is a mega hit among eleven percent of Italians.


Great Britain: The constant smoochers

No sign of rigid and uptight: Brits are the kings of constant smooching. In July 2008 London’s Sophia Severin and James Belshaw kissed their way into the Guinness Book of World Records in 31 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds. But the average Brit prefers things a bit more spontaneous: Surprise kisses are popular with one in two – especially kisses when being rejoined after long periods (29 percent) are appreciated in the Kingdom more than anywhere else in Europe.


Spain: The passionate

No romance, but lots of passion: Only one in ten Spaniards like sentimental kisses. España wants spontaneity (51 percent), passion (48 percent) and good breath (42 percent). Given those, there’s no stopping the Spaniards in kissing. A third of them French kiss more than ten times a day. The only others who manage this in Europe are the French and Italians. 


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