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Waking up early enough to go for a walk or complete a workout followed by a healthy breakfast is undoubtedly a great way to kick-start the metabolism.

Similarly, drinking plenty of water rehydrates the body, purifies the blood and helps the stomach to absorb nutrients. Maintaining a hygienic, fully functioning mouth has a significant impact on oral health as well as quality of life. It allows a person to concentrate and sleep properly without the disturbance of dental pain, infection or malodourous breath and also has a significant impact on confidence and self esteem.

Factors that influence a person's confidence are of course wide ranging. Some people feel that their intelligence, skill or knowledge provides self-assurance but for many others it is their appearance. Recent market research amongst 2,000 UK adults revealed that factors effecting confidence in women included having fresh breath (88%), fresh body odour (87%), washed and styled hair (85%), feeling good about their appearance (84%) and liking their choice of outfit (79%). Similarly for men, fresh breath appeared first at (84%) followed by fresh body odour (79%), feeling good about their overall appearance (69%), feeling happy about their weight (56%) and having washed, styled hair and good skin (52%).

These results suggest that organising an effective morning routine of personal and oral hygiene and paying close attention to appearance helps to enhance confidence for many people. Setting positive habits to inspire and encourage, helps individuals to feel assertive and content with how they present to others. Whether incorporating exercise, improving the mind or using dental floss each morning, any new behaviour takes a varying amount of time to become habitual. It is dependent on the individual, but according to research, it takes an average of around two months (66 days) for an action to become automatic. Additionally the more achievable that action is, the more quickly it becomes second nature.

Dental professionals are ideally placed to assist with expert advice on oral hygiene and establishing habits that are easy and effective for patients to complete. To address the insecurities of unpleasant mouth odour CB12 mouth rinse is both an achievable and reliable solution. It is a clinically proven product that instantly targets the gases that produce malodour but also has long lasting effects. Indeed if patients establish a habit of using a single 10ml dose after brushing their teeth in the morning, they can enjoy fresh breath for 12 hours. CB12 also contains 0.05% sodium fluoride to encourage good oral health and just as people use an antiperspirant, patients can be encouraged to use CB12 mouth rinse as a daily oral deodorant. It is a habit that will not only keep their breath fresh but also ensure confidence for the whole day.

Whatever morning routine is established, it should be inspiring and positive. Dental professionals are able to improve a patient's general oral health as well as their well being with the advantage of enriching job satisfaction. It should not be underestimated that dental professionals are able to empower patients with renewed self-assurance and should relish the experience that these successes have on their own lives.

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