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A great, confident smile can go a long way in helping us achieve our goals and strong, healthy looking teeth are the key to incredible and beaming smile.

In the battle against yellow teeth, every little counts. So if you’re looking for methods of how to whiten your teeth naturally and boost the shimmer in your smile, there are plenty of claimed natural teeth whitening techniques for at home teeth whitening.

5 natural ways to whiten your teeth

Discover how to whiten teeth naturally with these 5 techniques that can be applied easily at home!

Strawberries and Baking Soda
Although probably not the super cure to naturally whiten teeth, as touted through many dubious articles throughout the internet, strawberries do have a mild superficial effect when used with baking soda. The baking soda and strawberry mixture works by superficially removing plaque and other debris from the surface of your teeth.

Due to this, your teeth may initially appear to be whiter, but continued use may result in the softening of teeth due to the acid content of strawberries, which will eventually render teeth looking darker.

Use a Straw
Many of the drinks that we enjoy such as sodas, coffee, tea and wine can thin the enamel of our teeth and can, over time, leave them appearing discoloured.

Underneath the enamel lies a dark substance within teeth known as dentin. As the enamel thins the dentin becomes more apparent, which consequently leads to darker looking teeth.

In order to minimise the contact that enamel-damaging drinks make with your teeth, try using a straw. You may be surprised at the difference that this very simple, natural teeth whitening method can make.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Similarly to the strawberry and baking soda concoction, apple cider vinegar has been claimed to make teeth look whiter. This is true to an extent, as its acidity enables it to clear through stains and debris. But in another similarity to strawberries and baking soda, apple cider vinegar also has the ability to soften tooth enamel.

Thinning tooth enamel will eventually result in tooth discolouration, so if you do decide to give this home-remedy a shot, use with caution and infrequently.

Rinse with Water
The best way to whiten teeth naturally may be prevention, so after eating acidic fruits or drinking substances that may cause harm to tooth enamel, rinse your mouth with water to clear out any lingering harmful elements.

The longer those erosive substances remain in the mouth, the more effect they will have on tooth enamel. As previously explained, thinning enamel will darken teeth by revealing the dentin beneath the surface of the teeth.

Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables
Those in search of natural teeth whitening will have no doubt come across claims that eating crunchy fruits and vegetables will help.

Some claim that crunchy foods such as apples will act as a natural way to whiten teeth by scrubbing away debris and plaque, leading to a whiter smile. Apples have long been considered great for health, but approach with caution as abrasive cleaning methods have also been shown to erode tooth enamel.

As with any teeth whitening method, proper oral care is integral to achieving and maintaining whiter teeth. Daily brushing, flossing and the use of a first class mouth rinse such as CB12 White will ensure that your teeth will remain, not only white, but healthy and strong too.