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As we age, stained and discoloured teeth become more prevalent and noticeable; this is caused by a number of different factors. Some staining and discolouration emerges from structural damage to the teeth and some occur due to substances that leave stains on the surface of the teeth.1

Common causes of stained and discoloured teeth

Here are a few of the most common causes of stained and discoloured teeth:

Besides being a major cause of unpleasant breath, nicotine and tar from cigarettes are known to cause yellow teeth by leaving staining elements in your mouth.

Believe it or not, coffee stained teeth are more difficult to clean than teeth stained by smoking according to a study from the Journal of the American Dental Association.2

According to a study conducted by New York University, both red wine and white wine can affect the discolouration of teeth. The acidity in both wines takes its toll on the surface of the teeth and makes them more susceptible to staining from dark drinks.3

Does tea stain your teeth? Surprisingly the answer is yes! When it comes to staining teeth, black tea tends to be an even greater culprit than coffee. The naturally occurring antioxidants in tea known as “tannins” act as colouring, easily adhering and causing tea stained teeth and leaving them yellow, in appearance.

Everyday ways to prevent tooth stains and discolouration

When considering how to remove stains from teeth, the simple, tried and tested solutions should not be overlooked.

In addition to daily use of CB12 White, here are few more easy ways that you can help prevent staining and discolouration of your teeth and begin teeth whitening at home.

Drink Using a Straw
The less contact that the offending substances make with the teeth, the less likely they are to retain discolouration. For this reason it makes sense to use a straw when drinking substances that are likely to cause stained teeth and discolouration.

Brush and Floss
Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly will help to reduce the amount of plaque build up on your teeth. Having plaque on your teeth makes them sticker, allowing staining elements to more easily adhere to them.

Drink Water
Following up dark and staining drinks with a swish of water will give your teeth a light rinse. This will reduce the amount of staining elements present in your mouth to naturally keep your teeth looking whiter.

Quit Smoking
Aside from the numerous benefits quitting smoking will have on your health, it will also help to avoid discolouration of the teeth. As previously mentioned nicotine and tar found in cigarettes are a major cause of tooth discolouration, so avoiding smoking will go a long way in the journey to whitening teeth for a brighter smile.

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