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As you age, you may have noticed how your teeth have gradually become darker and more yellow in appearance. Yellow teeth are not always an indication of a serious medical condition and they are generally harmless.

Despite this, having yellow teeth does tend to have an effect on your confidence and you may find yourself more frequently covering your mouth when laughing or smiling.

There are many yellow teeth causes and many of them should be avoided if you’re considering any teeth whitening techniques.

What causes yellow teeth?

Here are a few of the top yellow teeth causes:

As we age naturally, the enamel of our teeth gradually becomes thinner, slowly revealing a dark substance that lies beneath the surface of the teeth known as “dentin”.

As the enamel thins and the dentin becomes more noticeable and leaves us looking like we have yellow stained teeth.

Aside from being generally unhealthy and one of the major causes of bad breath, smoking is also one of the major causes of yellow stained teeth.

When you smoke, nicotine and tar are deposited over your teeth making them appear yellow and in some cases brown.

Imperfections that appear to be yellow stains on teeth may occur due to cracking or other injuries sustained by the teeth.

Due to the damage inflicted on the enamel and dentin, trauma may be an especially significant cause of yellow teeth in children, whose teeth are still developing.

Not brushing
As you may have heard from your parents while growing up, it is very important to brush your teeth twice daily! Brushing and flossing your teeth frequently and correctly are incredibly important factors in avoiding the causes of yellow teeth. Proper oral care, including brushing, flossing and use of a good mouth rinse such as CB12 White, is pivotal in removing harmful and staining substances that have accumulated in your mouth over the course of the day.

From appearances it’s easy to see why some would assume that tea is a safer option than coffee when it comes to stained teeth. In fact, darker teas may have an even greater role in leaving yellow stains on teeth than coffee. Many dark teas have small particles known as “tannins” that easily adhere to teeth and get into small cracks and other tooth imperfections, resulting in yellow stained teeth.

An interesting way to help whiten teeth at home is to follow any dark or otherwise damaging drinks with a glass of water to rinse out any lingering staining elements.

Whitening mouth rinses, such as the new CB12 White, are a great option for those looking to combat both unpleasant breath and yellow teeth.

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