10 Ways to Make Your Breath Smell Great!

For many people, bad breath is a major turn off and when you think about it, that’s totally justified. Bad breath originates from bacteria literally defecating in your mouth, and that’s pretty nasty! Poor oral hygiene will inevitably result in bad breath and without proper brushing, flossing and the best mouthwash for bad breath, you’re bound to be left embarrassed by the bacteria residing in your mouth.

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Conventionally, bad breath has been acutely fixed by popping a mint in the mouth or chewing bubble gum. But there are more ways than utilising mint to mask the bad breath. Before we get on the numerous ways you can make your breath smell like flowers, let’s talk about the origins of the odour itself.

Where Does Bad Breath Come From?

Have you ever woken up with a dry, dehydrated mouth and a morning breath despite having vigorously brushed your teeth before going to sleep? Bad breath arises from the waste products of the bacteria that are concentrated on the back of your tongue.

Anything that will increase the number of bacteria in your oral cavity will inevitably lead to your breath smelling bad. This could be a lack of fluid intake (which is why you sometimes wake up with morning breath), or this could be a result of inadequate brushing and improper oral health care.

There are certain diseases that will cause halitosis (or bad breath) such as Sjogren Syndrome which causes a decrease in saliva and thus a drier mouth. People with dry mouth are more at risk to suffer from bad breath and will most likely medical attention.

10 Ways to Get Fresh Breath

Here are some of the most effective ways to make your breath smell good:

#1: Pay attention to your brushing

Brushing more often will lead to a reduced number of bacteria in your mouth and therefore fresher breath. Brushing in a correct motion will also remove the plaque that’s on your teeth enamel. This plaque can act as a host for bacteria; bacteria that can cause your breath to stink.

Similarly, it’s always a good idea to brush your tongue, particularly the back of the tongue keenly because this is where most of the bad-smelling bacteria reside. One good way to tell if your tongue is unclean is when you notice whitish streaks or spots on it. Brushing properly will get rid of these and cause the associated odour to go away.

#2: Flossing is equally important

Flossing the tight spaces in your teeth removes all the food remnants and debris that normal brushing won’t be able to remove. By flossing properly you will remove a source of bad breath (i.e. food debris) from your mouth for good.

Never skip flossing, folks!

#3: Don’t underestimate the power of a good mouthwash

Mouthwash is known to deliver fresh breath and when you have a good quality dental mouthwash you can expect to see these effects immediately. All kinds of mouthwashes especially the alcohol-based ones will rid your oral cavity of bacteria and leave your mouth feeling fresh.

Although mouthwash is great for instant fresh breath, it’s the anti-septic effect of Listerine that will cause the foul-smelling bacteria to reduce in number in the long run. Adding a mouthwash to your daily oral health routine is, therefore, a good idea.

#4: Maybe try a tongue scraper

Tongue scrapers are slightly controversial but the good ones are designed to clean your tongue effectively. Invest a good quality tongue scraper that evenly applies pressure to the back of your tongue and literally scrapes off the bacteria and debris in your mouth.

Tongue scrapers should never be used as substitutes for brushing ,of course, but if you want a clean tongue fast, pulling out a trusty tongue scraper is much more convenient.

#5: Watch your diet!

There’s definitive proof that certain foods can make your breath stinky while others can help alleviate the bad breath. Sugary foods, alcohol, caffeine, onions and garlic are all major offenders when it comes to bad breath.

On the other hand, green vegetable and fresh fruits work wonders to make your breath smell better.

#6: Quit smoking

If you really want fresh breath, you’ll need to bid farewell to tobacco forever. Cigarette smoking is detrimental to health in all sorts of the way, but it also plays a major role in making your breath stink.

#7: Mints and chewing gums for quick relief

This favourite life-saving hack is practised by everyone around the world. Nothing makes your breath smell good instantly than mint or chewing gum. This is a great hack of course but it will only work temporarily. Mint can mask the bad breath but once the effect is gone the odour will come back.

#8: Stay hydrated!

Water is an excellent way to keep your mouth moist and hydrated. This hydration makes environment unfavourable for bacteria and results in a decrease in their population. A hydrated mouth, thus, delivers fresh breath in the most natural of ways.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is one way to ensure your breath smells great. Although the oral cavity is kept moistened by saliva, sometimes salivary production is inadequate if your body is dehydrated.

#9: Healthy gums are important

Gum diseases are nasty and painful. The infection can sometimes cause bad breath. That’s why it’s important to keep your gums healthy and in good shape. This can be done through brushing and good mouthwashes, as well as making sure you’re getting your essential vitamins.

#10: Check in with your dentist

If the bad breath persists despite practising all of these tips then you might have an underlying medical condition that needs to be examined by a professional. Some diseases that can cause a bad odour in the mouth include Sjogren Syndrome, xerostomia and lung abscess. It’s important to check in with your doctor should you experience any worrying symptoms.