Are you confident enough to get up close and personal?

A new survey conducted by CB12 to coincide with National Kissing Day, taking place on 19 June, reveals that almost a third of Brits (31%) have been told that they have unpleasant breath by their partner. Unsurprisingly, 46% were embarrassed to hear the news, 18% were ashamed, yet a mere 3% were amused.

A quarter of Brits (24%) have noticed their partner's unpleasant breath, with romantic dinners often being a trigger. More than two thirds (68%) of respondents identified garlic as the main culprit, with a further 17% pointing the finger at sugary snacks.

Intimate situations can cause anxiety if you are constantly worrying about your breath; Luke Thorley, Dentist,  states: "I often see patients who are embarrassed by their foul breath, to the extent that it is limiting their social life and causing them to talk with hands over their mouths." CB12 can help alleviate your worries -- its special formulation targets and neutralises odour, providing protection from foul breath for up to 12 hours.

Here Luke Thorley provides his top three tips to help you achieve first class breath on National Kissing Day and beyond:

Chew sugar-free gum: CB12 boost is a specially formulated sugar-free gum which will contains zinc acetate to neutralise odour, giving you a shot of confidence wherever and whenever you need it

Stay hydrated: Dehydration causes oral bacteria to thrive resulting in production of malodorous gases. Drink plenty of water to increase saliva flow, as this will help to wash away food particles

Check your breath: Licking the inside of your wrist with the back part of your tongue is the best way to test your breath. This will give a true reflection of breath freshness before moving in for a kiss

Click here for more breath information or try taking our Breath Test to see if you could be effected. 

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