Q&As about Boost

Q&As about Boost

  • What is CB12 boost?

    CB12 boost is a unique sugar-free chewing gum containing zinc, fluoride and xylitol. With its patented technology it ensures first class breath and oral health: • Zinc prevents unpleasant mouth odour • Sodium fluoride strengthens teeth and prevents cavities • Xylitol reduces plaque

  • Why does CB12 contain different sweeteners?

    Every sweetener addresses a different type of sweetness at some point of chewing. Utilising a mix of different sweeteners makes sure you taste sweet the whole time chewing. The amount and choice of all sweeteners being used respect the statutory limits.

  • Has CB12 boost been developed using animal testing?

    No, none of the ingredients of CB12 boost have been subject to animal testing.

  • How should I use CB12 rinse and CB12 boost?

    Rinse with CB12 for a long-lasting first class breath and take a CB12 boost if you need an immediate refreshment of the breath during the day, after a spicy meal, some coffee or a drink.

  • Does CB12 boost contain gelatine or any other ingredients unsuitable for vegetarians?

    No, CB12 boost doesn't contain gelatine or other ingredients unsuitable for vegetarians.

  • Is CB12 boost free from gluten and lactose?


  • Does CB12 boost contain fluoride?

    Yes, each piece of chewing gum contains 0.26 mg sodium fluoride. That is 0.013%.

  • How many kcal/kJ does CB12 boost contain?

    CB12 boost contains 3,2 kcal/13,5 kJ per piece of chewing gum.

  • From what age can CB12 boost be used?

    CB12 boost can be used from the age of 12.

  • How many pieces of CB12 boost can I enjoy per day?

    You can chew 5 pieces of CB12 boost per day.

  • Is it possible to use CB12 boost during pregnancy?

    Yes, CB12 boost can be used at any time during pregnancy. Please follow the instructions on the package.

  • What is the shelf-life of CB12 boost?

    CB12 boost has a shelf-life of 24 months.

  • What happens if I swallow CB12 boost?

    Swallowing CB12 boost is unadvised but causes no problem. The chewing gum will be egested undigested.

  • Where can I buy CB12 boost?

    CB12 boost is available in (stores and) pharmacies.

  • Can I use CB12 boost with dental prostheses?

    Usually there is no problem for people with dental prostheses to use chewing gum. Consult your dentist if you are uncertain.

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