Q&As about Mouthwash

Q&As about Mouthwash

  • Is CB12 Mouthwash Kosher?

    CB12 manufacturing site is not Kosher certified. However, the ingredients used for manufacturing CB12 mouthwashes do not have animal origin. Based on this information, it would remain an individual decision as to whether one uses CB12 under one's own dietary/ceremonial Kosher laws.

  • How can you tell that CB12 is a credible product?

    It is recommended by dentists and oral hygienists.

    Oral hygienists are often confronted with patients seeking advice about unpleasant breath. The seal of approval from these professionals is hard-earned confirmation of how effective CB12 is. CB12 not only combats the odour-causing sulfur in your mouth with a clinically proven safe and effective action, it helps you maintain good oral health with fluoride that strengthens your teeth.

  • How do we deliver on our promise of long-lasting breath?

    With science.

    CB12 was developed at the University of Oslo's Faculty of Dentistry. The patented formula in CB12 neutralises the formation of the substances that cause unpleasant breath, called volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs).

    Volatile sulphur compounds are unpleasant and odorous compounds that develop as a result of bacteria in the mouth that break down food particles in between the teeth, in the gum pockets and in the pits on the back of the tongue.

    The neutralising action of CB12 is achieved by a powerful synergy between zinc acetate and chlorhexidine diacetate that is much more effective than either ingredient alone. Because of the amazing way these two ingredients work together, only a low concentration of each one is required.

    Chlorhexidine splits the sulphur molecules, allowing zinc to more easily react with the sulphur compounds. In addition, it has an antibacterial effect against the bacterial membranes. The unique ability of chlorhexidine to adhere to the lining of the mouth, tongue and teeth ensures that CB12 maintains a long-lasting effect. Most importantly, the level of chlorhexidine is so low that staining does not occur.

    Zinc is the most effective form of combatting VSCs. Zinc interacts with the split sulphur molecules building insoluble, non-odorous compounds that are spit out with the rinse or swallowed. In addition, it directly interferes with VSC production.

  • What makes CB12 value for money?

    CB12 does not simply camouflage bad breath, but targets the root of the problem by neutralising and preventing the formation of odorous compounds in the oral cavity. This results in pleasant, odourless breath.

    The CB12 formula is so effective that after just one rinse you can enjoy the full breath neutralising effects for 12 hours.

    By rinsing with CB12 in the morning and evening your breath will be pleasant and odourless during all 24 hours of the day. Think about it, so-called 'morning breath' becomes a thing of the past and everyday close moments can be truly enjoyed.

  • How does CB12 work?

    The powerful and unique combination of zinc acetate and chlorhexidine within CB12 neutralises the formation of the substances that cause unpleasant breath. Its unique, patented formulation binds with the lining of the mouth, teeth and tongue, ensuring 12 hours of long-lasting first class breath. Scientific studies using instruments specifically designed to detect the sulphurous gases at the root of unpleasant odours, together with clinical trials have proven that CB12 is safe, effective and long-lasting.

  • Does CB12 contain fluoride?

    Yes, CB12 contains 0.05% sodium fluoride.

  • How often should I rinse?

    There are no regulations, but if you rinse in the morning you will enjoy first class breath for 12 hours. For a 24-hour effect, rinse morning and evening.

  • Can CB12 be used during pregnancy?

    Yes, CB12 is safe to use during pregnancy.

    Follow the instructions on the package.

  • Can CB12 prevent "morning breath"?

    “Morning breath” occurs, because your saliva flow – which helps cleanse your mouth from food debris and foul-smelling bacteria – decreases at night while being asleep. This makes your mouth dehydrated and stagnated. Even though “morning breath“ is pretty normal and happens to everybody, one would feel better not to wake up with that taste in the mouth. Well, rinsing with CB12 mouthwash at night before going to bed can help to avoid “morning breath”. Studies prove that the combination of zinc and chlorhexidine within CB12 in a low concentration is a very efficient inhibitor of VSC (volatile sulfur compounds – these compounds are released by bacteria that are found in-between the teeth, in the gum pockets and in the pits on the back of the tongue, where they break down food particles) formation and so greatly reduces the problem of morning breath odour.1

  • Does CB12 contain alcohol?

    Only CB12 Mild contains 1.7% alcohol.

  • From what age can CB12 be used?

    CB12 can be used from the age of 12. Please follow the instructions on the package.

  • Where can I buy CB12?

    CB12 is available in (stores and) pharmacies.


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