Lunch and Learn with CB12

The team at Calm Dental Care in Urmston Manchester recently enjoyed a 'Lunch and Learn' session from CB12.Emma Stanley, lead dental nurse, explained that after meeting the CB12 team at the The Dentistry Show she booked an informative learning session with a CB12 representative with lunch included.

"Patients have a lot of problems with bad breath and ask a lot of questions regarding halitosis. The CB12 lunch and learn session has enhanced my knowledge and I am now able to answer patients with confidence.

"We received some large samples of CB12 mouth rinse and Boost chewing gum, which we leave in the surgery available for patients to try. We were also provided with some smaller samples, which patients can take away with them and I think they have already been buying CB12.

"We really rate the CB12 products and recommend them to our patients for halitosis -- CB12 is really good for eliminating odour and maintaining fresh breath."

Why not book a lunch and learn session at your surgery and discover the benefits of CB12 for your patients?

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