patented12 -hour formula


Every day is filled with moments of close interaction with others. From business meetings where first impressions are everything, to kissing loved ones’ good night. Moments like this can be spoilt if your mouthwash fails to eliminate bad breath.

Instead of simply masking bad breath with minty flavours, CB12 neutralizes and prevents the formation of the substances that cause bad breath (VSCs). The active ingredients in the formula, zinc and chlorhexidine, eliminate VSCs from exhaled air.1 The chlorhexidine in the formula also has the unique ability to adhere to the gums, tongue and teeth, thereby providing a 12 hour effect on the VSCs that cause bad breath.

So close moments can truly be enjoyed – whenever they occur.


1 Seemann R., Filippi A., Michaelis S., et al. Duration of effect of the mouthwash CB12 for the treatment of intra-oral halitosis: a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial. J. Breath Res. (2016) 10: 036002.

CB12-2021-0445: October 2021